CMTA Awareness Month: Message from Elizabeth Ouellette

              Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association: CMT Awareness Video

MDA Webinar – “Advances in CMT Research & Clinical Care”

3 Steps to Help End CMT

Thank you for LIKING the CMTA Facebook Page. There are three things you can do today to help end CMT, two of them take less than 60 seconds.

First: Share this Page

Press the share button to the right. This will post a status update that links to the CMTA page on your wall. It is great if you add a special message asking your friends and family to LIKE our page too.

Second: “Handshake” with Us

Please press the “Handshake” button on the right. This will install a Facebook app that teaches us how to find more members of the CMT community. It is really valuable, so please press the button and install the application. You will return back to this page after the handshake.

Third: Promote the Transformation Project

Learn everything you can about the “STAR Transformation Project” and then start talking about it, to EVERBODY! Donate $10 to the project yourself and ask everyone you know to donate $10 too. This research could change everything. Get involved in STAR, click the button to find out more. Don’t wait, participate!

Resource: www,

Andreas Johannson Raising Awareness for CMT and Challenged Atheletes Foundation.

Jonah Berger Talk on CMT

“Thanks to all who have participated in CMT Awareness Month! get involved with the CMTA, and please stay involved!”

46 year old man back on his feet after diagnosis of CMT

Rep. Bailey remonstrates on Charcot Marie Tooth Disease on the House floor.

Oregon is one of the first states in the nation to dedicate the month of September to Charcot Marie Tooth Disease Awareness. Georgia is another, thanks to the CMTA volunteer support group leaders! NY has a resolution and Mayoral Proclamation from Albany Mayor Gerald Jennings. PA & NM are in the works.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease: A patient’s Perspective:


Jerry Cross explains how CMT affects his family

Elizabeth Ouellette- Educating Children About CMT

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