Taking a Break

Sorry I have neglected posting here for a while. As sole caregiver for my mom and step-dad, I took a much needed break from CMT to help look into assisted living facilities for my step-father, in between visiting doctors, pharmacies and grocery shopping. We’re exploring ways to finance the $12,000 per month cost of assisted living, and trying to find out more about obtaining home health care, in the mean time.

St. Patrick's Day Dinner with mom & dad

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner with mom & dad

Eight months ago, my parents moved closer to me for better health care access, as their home is in the country and all their doctors and hospitals are at least a 45 minute drive. After months of enjoying having them closer and spending more time together, including weekly pool aerobics class in their heated pool, sadly they are moving back home this Thursday.

On the contrary, both my mom and my step-dad are excited about moving back to their home at New Skete Community, where they attend daily liturgies and mom is looking forward to tending her sanctuary gardens again. I however, worry about them living in such a remote, rural location, where it takes a 1/2 for am ambulance to arrive, 45 minutes to drive for groceries, and an hour drive for me.

So, I am not looking forward to the early morning drive on Thursday to bring my step-dad back toCambrige, while my mom helps the movers pack up what’s left to return to NewSkete. Over the last few weeks, Mom and I already unloaded a few vanfulls of their belongings and mom cleaned, while I trimmed perennials and raked the garden beds.

Emmaus House Garden Terrace

Emmaus House Garden Terrace

It was nice having them so close, but they will be happier in their own home for as long as they are able to manage it, with whatever help I can provide. Some days I feel like I need to go into assisted living.

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