Meet fellow CMT blogger, Ashley Pomykala

Ashley Pomykala

Ashley Pomykala

Meet The Blogger Behind Parsimonious Pash

Interview by Melinda Lang

How did you decide to become a blogger?

Honestly this is probably one of the toughest questions you could ask.  I tried my way with a couple of blogs before the one I have now.  I had a Xanga blog all throughout high school that I loved to write on.  That one was completely personal with poems, and stories and things like that.  My second blog was “Is it my teeth?” on blogger.  That one only lasted a couple of posts and it was completely about CMT. I re-wrote some of those posts and put them on Parsimonious Pash.  The decision to start Parsimonious Pash was one I started almost on a whim.  I was following tons of blogs and I really wanted to get my voice out there.  It took almost a month to decide on a blog name, and I love it.

Tell us what your blog is about?

My blog was started out as a deal-frugal blog hence why it is Parsimonious (frugal) Pash however it evolved into the lifestyle blog.  The tag line for my blog is “a place for lifestyle, deals, reviews, and pets!”  This tag line might change if I get a larger medical/disabled following down the road.

In your About Me page you describe yourself as a disabled student, living with an amazing boyfriend and many pets. Since this blog focuses mainly on CMT, can you share a little about your disability, and how you manage to keep up with all your pets?

leg bracesHonestly, it wouldn’t be possible without my boyfriend.  I have been with him for 6 years and he is my savior. He helps me with things, rubs my feet, back, as well as helps me stretch my back, hips, and legs out when I need it.  Taking care of my kitties is easy.  I do most things except he carries the heavy stuff for me.  It is the same with the dogs.  My dog is very good and doesn’t pull much when I walk him unlike the puppy which is my father in laws dog.


What have you found  most helpful in managing your CMT?

Staying active and trying to do everything that I can.  I admit I don’t follow my own advice all of the time but when I do I am very stubborn about it.

How many doctors did you see before getting the correct Diagnosis?

I didn’t go to multiple doctors to be diagnosedCMT foot.  They actually were waiting until I was old enough for them to do the tests that they wanted to do to diagnose me at four years old. It was a pretty easy diagnosis since my grandmother, aunt, and mom were already all diagnosed with CMT.

What if anything has your CMT kept you from accomplishing?

I really wanted to design orthotics and prosthetics however the weight of many projects and my dexterity made it nearly impossible to finish school and I never was able to complete the last two classes for the program.

Do you feel your family/friends and co-workers understand what CMT means to you?

My family for the most part has understood.  My mom overly understands which causes problems sometimes because CMT has been very different in affecting both of us over the years and I know it caused us to butt heads when I was in high school.  Not everyone understands and sometimes it takes a lot of explaining but my in-laws understand and my boyfriend understands completely though he thinks I am a little crazy sometimes which I probably am.


This story from Ashley caught my attention: ” Pro Basketball Players Can be Disabled Too…,”   especially after I had tried to contact Todd MacCulloch last year to see if he would like to participate in CMT Awareness Month.

Read  Ashley’s story here

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3 Responses to Meet fellow CMT blogger, Ashley Pomykala

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  2. Susan Le says:

    Way to go Ashley. I’m with you. I am also a blogger at and is a friend of your fellow blogger Melinda Lang. Glad to know you.


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