We have all lost a wonderful amazing friend.

Christine A. Hook

Christine A. Hook

We have all lost a wonderful, amazing friend.  Christine Hook, a lovely talented artist, gifted writer and kind & caring friend, suddenly passed away yesterday. Christine was a sweetheart  I cannot believe she is gone.  She was only 41.

Christine with her parents Deacon Neil Hook & Carol Hook

Christine with her parents Deacon Neil Hook & Carol Hook

This past September Christine received the “I’m a STAR” award from the CMTA for all of her work in raising awareness of CMT through her blog Grace Lines, her fundraising efforts through her artwork, and for inspiring others with her wonderful sense of humor.

Christine was such a good friend, we talked every day. We just went out to lunch on Wednesday, then went grocery shopping together for healthy foods at Fresh Market to “get our health back.”

Christine and Melinda at Art de Cure reception

Christine and Melinda at Art de Cure reception

Her last email, the night before, said she was feeling better. Her father called last night to say “Christine’s dead.”

Now a day later, after phone calls and reading all the emails and messages on Face Book, I am realizing that this is really true and missing her already. I cannot imagine what her parents are going through. They were very close. Recently, when her parents were ill with the flu, Christine checked on them daily, bringing food and picking up their prescriptions. She worried about her parents and often spoke of her brother, sister and nieces, who she loved dearly. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.

I was just rereading posts from her blog, Grace Lines, and she expresses my thoughts and feelings better than I can.

From Grace Lines by Christine A. Hook  Hold Your Loved Ones Close

Time speeds by, sometimes in a flash.  Before you know it the years have passed; the children you’ve held in your arms are cradling you now, in theirs…roles are reversed, and there is never enough time.  Never, EVER enough time.

…..hopefully hold our loved ones closer and give thanks that they are still here.  We appreciate who we have in our lives all the more, realizing how precious and how short life can truly be.  And tomorrow a new day starts, and we do our best to move forward.

….take measures to keep the light shining, so that this type of negativity no longer holds power.  And I can love.  With abandon, with honesty, and with my whole heart…so that everyone who is important in my life is held just a little closer, and loved just a little more.  Each and every day.

RIP Christine. We will never forget you. You touched so many lives. We will miss you always.

Melinda Lang
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