STAR’s Transformation Project

CMTA’s STAR initiative announces “The Transformation Project” – Adult Human Stem Cell testing to find effective compounds to treat CMT.

STAR Transformation Project Graphic

For the first time ever, live adult human stem cells will be used to search for effective compounds to treat CMT.

By using cutting-edge technology developed at the University of Wisconsin’s Waisman Center, live human skin cells can be transformed into cells that can be tested against pharmaceutical compounds for the purpose of finding candidate drugs for use in human clinical trials.

The CMTA has embarked on this groundbreaking STAR research project to rapidly accelerate the drug development process in search of a successful treatment to slow, stop or potentially reverse the progression of CMT. 

In addition to searching for effective CMT treatments, results discovered in STAR “The Transformation Project” will have potential applications in other closely related disease’s such as ALS, MS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

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