Now we can finally Relax!

Thank you to all who came out to support the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association’s search for a cure at the Art de Cure gallery artists’ reception for CMT at Clinical Prosthetics + Orthotics located at 149 South Lake Avenue in Albany, NY. Good times. Good food. Great art.

                                              You can see some of the art at this link:

                   “The Gathering” by Christine Hook raised funds for CMT

After months of planning, followed by the intake and hanging of art work to replace pieces from the previous show, designing postcards and flyers, advertising, email and Facebook blasts, planning the menu, shopping for food & wine, then a frenzied morning baking: lemon bars, spanakopitas, brownies, pepperoni & cheese bread, time for enjoying the reception was near.

However, first I needed to carry in all the wine, food & serving dishes with no one there to help. I drive too fast and arrived a bit early. Shortly thereafter, Christine pulled into the parking lot. As we helped each other set up the tables and plate the food, including an assortment of crackers, I suddenly remembered I left the cheese cubes home in the refrigerator. With not enough time to race home, grab the cheese and rush back, (even as fast as I like to drive), I didn’t want to leave Christine by herself to greet our guests. So, I called my husband, Jim. While arranging the lemon bars on my tiered cake plate, I remembered Jim saying he would “try” to come. However, he wouldn’t be arriving until the party was half over. Apparently the “Cruisin into Summer” boat bash for the boy scouts last night exhausted him. Although, he didn’t hula, limbo or dance. So, I’m not so sure what tuckered him out.

So, catching the receptionist before she left, I asked for directions to the closest grocery store. Easy enough. I took a left, then a right down Mrytle past the hospital to the neighborhood Price Chopper. Gnarly man at the entrance beseeched me to buy some food stamps from him. “No thank you.” He replied. “Sorry to bother you.” All so polite, while I was thinking just get out of my way. I’m on a mission to get in, get out with some cheese, preferable sliced or cubed, and get back before Christine starts to panic. A cute, little girl in line at the check out in front of me came up 29 cents short. As I fished around in my wallet for some change with my uncooperative hands, the cashier let her go. On the way out I passed the food stamp man chatting up a potential customer.

Since Myrtle is one way street, I rushed back to CPO by way of another route past the hospital where I encountered heavy rush hour traffic and delays at every red-light. Surprisingly, I made it back before kick off at 5 p.m., put out the cheese and heated up some red pepper, artichoke pinwheels in the toaster oven.

Elizabeth Kathy Dave
Our first guests arrived right at 5 p.m.. Paula, an artist from our group, and her very supportive husband Richard with their daughter Becky. Shortly thereafter, another artist, Laura, came with her husband and strolled through the gallery admiring the art and enjoying the food. Laura mentioned her daughters are quite talented artists as well. So, I talked about our hopes of displaying college student art work at one of our shows.

Soon after, my friends Krystal and her daughter Ashley dropped by. Krystal and her husband had joined us on the boy scout cruise the night before. She called out the winning bid on 4 Aerosmith tickets in a box suite. I had bid early and way too low. So, I was really excited when she invited Jim & I to go with them. More importantly, the cruise raised enough funds to send the entire scout troop to summer camp.


Kathy Joey Kathy Lang

After Krystal left, more friends, Kathy and Joey, who conveniently live down the street, came to shop. They purchased “Are You Talking to Me” by Mary Fronk, a close up photo of a snorting horse with his head askew drawing attention to the nostrils. Everyone laughed as they viewed that photo. Then my sister-in-law arrived, donating more of her hand crafted ear rings. Just in time for Kathy to shop some more.


Last year, our first Art de Cure event raised $5,000 which was matched by a board member of the CMTA for a grand total of $10,000! The artists reception is more low key, a chance for folks to meet some of the artists and familiarize themselves with the gallery, in hopes that they will return in December for our signature fundraising event, “Starry Night,” for CMT research. The “Starry Night reception includes a silent auction, live music, and raffle, as well as complimentary wine and light fare. In addition to the art work we’ll have hand made silk scarves, jewelry, quilts, painted glassware, books, pillows, note cards, music CDs and tickets to The Iridium club in NYC (I’m bidding on those).

jewelry quilts note cards

jewelry quilts note cards & more

So, no time to rest. I have to start writing letters seeking sponsors and visiting businesses asking for donations for the silent auction. If anyone reading this, I know a few of you, would be interested in providing any items for a basket, such as wine, gift certificate for massage or tanning, or gift cards for restaurants, or anything at all, we would really appreciate your help.

Please contact me at


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2 Responses to Now we can finally Relax!

  1. Of course you can share my painting…always! And there is always time to relax. At least take the weekend:-) We did a lot of work and had a great event…thanks for being there through all of it!


    • cmtny says:

      I don’t know about you, but I am still exhausted. We will definitely have to make sure we have plenty of volunteers helping for Starry Night. It would be great if we could visit with guests, instead of being stuck in the kitchen and checking out sales. Barely had time to visit with my sister-in-law except to thank her for donating more ear rings.


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