Pleasantly Surprised by Accessible pools & Spas

I was pleasantly surprised, while watching the evening news, to learn that changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that swimming pools and spas be made more accessible.

pool liftCommercial Pools has a full line of battery powered pool lifts that comply with the ADA Pool Lift Regulations.

However, the deadline to have improvements finished has been moved back to May 15, instead of the original date, March 15.
The Ramada in Queensbury, NY just had a lift chair installed at a cost $4,000; however, a special tax credit is available to help smaller employers. Additionally, the lift is considerably cheaper than building a ramp, which also would meet the ADA requirements.

When asked how often he’s had a request for a pool chair lift, the Ramada owner replied, “I’ve never had a request for a lift, but maybe now I will.”

Although fines for non-compliance can be up to $50,000, enforcement is flexible, but businesses still must comply.
There are some exceptions from the accessibility guidelines. For example, if modifications would significantly alter the historic nature of the building, or create undue financial hardship, or pose an unreasonable burden, these facilities may be excluded.

What do you think of this new ADA requirement?

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