Run over for Holiday Cheer!

ReindeerWhen grocery shopping for ingredients for appetizers and deserts, for the “Holiday Cheer” party planned for a few friends, I noticed that many shoppers seem oblivious to those around them. Not just in the store with their grocery carts blocking the aisles and running into me smashing my ankles, while I’m waiting in the checkout line, but in the parking lot as well.

I cannot understand why when people see you backing up they continue walking or driving right toward you, so that you must stomp on the break. When you have CMT your feet and legs don’t always move as quickly as they used to. Your brain tells your legs to move, however, with CMT damaged nerves the message is delayed or sometimes absent, in which case you’re better off being a passenger. Plus, with weakened arms and aching hands it is often difficult enough to maneuver out of a tight parking space without people coming at you from every direction.

I just don’t get it. When I see someone backing up, I stop or even retreat out of their way, not just to make it easier for them, but also to avoid getting run over. However, it seems like a lot of other folks just go about their day as if they are the only ones in the world, oblivious to those around them.

Maybe because I have CMT, this neuromuscular disorder forces me to be more aware of my surroundings at all times. I must scope out the shortest, safest path wherever I am heading. I try to avoid uneven pavement, try to remember to always step high, because of my drop foot, careful not to trip over any bumps in the sidewalk. If possible I stay away from inclines, which could lead to tipping backwards, due to loss of muscle on the front of my legs. I’m always looking for a less crowded approach as well, since I tend to lose my balance and don’t want to bump into anyone.

On those occasions when I find myself surrounded by people coming and going, this usually leads to swearing. Not by me, but by the unfortunate victims, whom I collide with, or the annoyed people trapped behind me. Apparently I cannot walk fast enough for the rest of the world. You’d think that seeing a person with a cane and a leg brace might induce a little patience. Usually though, this has not been my experience, especially during this crazy time of year with frenzied, last-minute Christmas shoppers.

Next year, I will shop online and hopefully one of my friends will host the party.

Christmas lights

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4 Responses to Run over for Holiday Cheer!

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  2. bonnie says:

    I’m so very sorry that you have such a horrible sounding experience . Very sad… I feel so very lucky/blessed that I haven’t experienced anything like this at all, but I have recently started using a walker when I go out to malls, etc.,and find people very thoughtful and considerate and it transports my purchases beautifully.


    • Melinda Lang says:

      Whenever we travel I find people are very helpful, offering their seat and holding doors. Perhaps I just came across some new yorkers at this busy holiday time, who were not at their best.


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