The Teacher’s Guide to Neuromuscular Disease – Neuromuscular Diseases

CMTA Shop ZazzleThe Teacher’s Guide to Neuromuscular Disease – Neuromuscular Diseases.

Jori Reijonen, Ph.D.
BellaOnline’s Neuromuscular Diseases Editor

Available free as a downloadable booklet from the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) website, The Teacher’s Guide to Neuromuscular Disease will help answer these questions for both teachers and parents. This booklet more specifically targets the questions that teachers may have, however.

This booklet includes introductory letters from a couple of teachers who have been diagnosed with neuromuscular disease. Each successfully completed her education despite physical disability, and now teach children. Both teachers noted how influential their own childhood teachers were in their lives.

Sections of this booklet include both general information about neuromuscular disease and brief desciptions of specific diseases. The booklet briefly reviews treatment information, including assistive devices, cardiac and respiratory care, special nutrition needs, physical and occupational therapy interventions, medications, and surgical intervention.

The booklet covers the possible effects of neuromuscular disease on learning and the child’s effect on the classroom. Another section discusses talking to other students about neuromuscular disease.
Resources: neuromuscular diseases by Jori Reijonen,Ph.D

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