CMT Awareness Month Proclamations

Friday, July 29, 2011 10:32 AM | CMTA

Albany Common Council CMT Awareness Month ResolutionGreat News! Four States have Awareness Month Proclamations for CMT!

This is all thanks to the following CMTA Support and Action Group Facilitators:

  • Melinda Lang, State of New York (Melinda also received a Resolution from the Albany City Councilman Dominick Calsolaro and a Mayoral Proclamation.)
  • Debbie Hagen, State of Oregon
  • Susan Ruediger, State of Georgia
  • Polly Masiasz, State of Wisconsin
  • Gary Shepherd, State of New Mexico

Mark Willis, meanwhile, received a Proclamation in County of Monmouth, State of New Jersey, and he will be receiving a Proclamation by the Mayor of the Township of Freehold.

We would also like to thank one of the CMTA’s members for contacting her Representative Jules Bailey (D-Portland) who spoke about CMT to the Oregon House of Representatives. (Click here to view article.)

And it’s not too late to contact your state or local representative and ask for a Proclamation officially making the month of September CMT Awareness Month. You can find the Governor Proclamation Request Letter on the Global Support and Action Group homepage under “files.”


Albany, NY CMT Awareness Resolution
Upstate NY SAG Facilitator Melinda Lang receives a CMT Awareness Month
in Albany

Albany NY Mayoral CMT Awareness Month Proclamation

Albany NY Mayoral CMT Awareness Month Proclamation

Oregon CMT Awareness Proclamation
Oregon Proclamation
View Larger

Wisconsin CMT Awareness Proclamation
Wisconsin Proclamation
View Larger







New Mexico Proclamation

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