New Zazzle store raises funds for CMT research!

Check out the new CMTA Zazzle store to raise funds  for CMT research, (18% on each item purchased). I had fun creating these Awareness Month products myself, using art work that students designed for CMT Awareness Month & CMT Global Day.

Very important- Start at (they donate

ladies CMT Awareness t-shirt

ladies CMT Awareness t-shirt

8%) and click on the link for Zazzle on the iGive page. In addition to iGive, Zazzle donates 10%.

In the Search bar type: cmta gifts and have fun shopping!<br/>Create a <a href=””>personalized gift</a> at Zazzle.<br/>

doggie CMT Awareness t-shirt
doggie CMT Awareness t-shirt
infant onesie CMT Awareness Month

infant CMT Awareness onesie

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